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About Us

Specialize Eliquid & Vapes for Eliquid


Breazy is another one stop shop for all your vaping needs. Breazy offers a huge selection of top quality Eliquids and juices. They also provide hardware and accessories to meet beginner and an advanced vapers needs. They are always bringing in new models keeping them up to date in the industry. Breazy also offers a monthly E liquid subscription.

They Sell:

- Eliquid Vapes       -Eliquid          - Ejuice

- Vape Accessories                     - Vape Hardware

- Monthly Eliquid Subscription

Shipping Promotions: FREE shipping USA domestic Orders over $50

Extras: Rewards Program

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Breazy Eliquid & Ejuice

Detailed Information

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9 South Vapes

Cereal Killa - 9 South Vapes

Quick - 9 South Vapes

Super Nova - 9 South Vapes

Toasted - 9 South Vapes

10% off First Order

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Aisle 7

Flaked - Aisle 7

Nora's Dream - Aisle 7

Alloy Blends E Liquid

Blonde - Alloy Blends Electrum

Bluing - Alloy Blends Electrum

Fracture - Alloy Blends Electrum

Quenched - Alloy Blends Electrum

The Doh - Alloy Blends Benchmark

Velocity - Alloy Blends Electrum

Vented - Alloy Blends Electrum

Aloha E Liquids

Pineapples and Oranges - Aloha E Liquids

Strawberries and Guava - Aloha E Liquids

Sweet Taro Crunch Cake - Aloha E Liquids

Alpha Vape

Heist - Alpha Vape

Hoops - Alpha Vape

Manchu - Alpha Vape

Miss White - Alpha Vape

Mr. Miyagi - Alpha Vape

Sweet Tooth - Alpha Vape

The Dude - Alpha Vape

American Pie E Liquid

Apple - American Pie E Liquid

Strawberry - American Pie E Liquid

ANML E Liquid


Fury - ANML Vapors


Aqua Liquids

Funfetti E Liquid - Aqua Liquids

Ar E Liquid

Blu Rain - Ar E Liquid

Celestial Dawn - Ar E Liquid

Charmed Robbery - Ar E Liquid

CinnaVanilla Bun - Ar E Liquid

Green Fairy - Ar E Liquid

Honey Bear E Liquid

Karma - Ar E Liquid

Krém - Ar E Liquid

Marrakesh - Ar E Liquid

Palmistry - Ar E Liquid

Razor's Edge - Ar E Liquid

Bad Drip

Bad Blood - Bad Drip

Cereal Trip - Bad Drip

Farley's Gnarley - Bad Drip

Ugly Butter - Bad Drip

Beantown Vapor

Banana De Leche E Liquid - Beantown Vapor

Lemonem E Liquid - Beantown Vapor

Oh Face E Liquid - Beantown Vapor

Pearana E Liquid - Beantown Vapor

Soul Custardy - Beantown Vapor

Ben Jonson's E Liquids

Cr3am - Ben Johnson's

Snickelfritz - Ben Johnson's E Liquid

BFB By Flawless E Liquid

Straight Outta The Toaster - BFB E Liquid By Flawless

Binary E Liquid

Array - Binary Eliquid

Byte - Binary Eliquid

POW - Binary Eliquid

Siren - Binary Eliquid

BLAQ Vapor

Origin - BLAQ Vapor

Blend E Juice

Mango Madness - Blend E Liquid

Pom Perfection - Blend E Liquid

Strappelberry - Blend E Liquid

Blow Vape Juice

BlueRazz - Blow Vape Juice

Green Apple - Blow Vape Juice

Strawcherry - Blow Vape Juice

Bluebird E Liquid

Bluebird E-Liquid

Boosted E Juice

Anti-Lag - Boosted E Juice

Boosted - Boosted E Juice

BOV - Boosted E Juice

Intercooler - Boosted E Juice

Rear Diff - Boosted E Juice

Wastegate - Boosted E Juice

Boyd’s Bounty

Boyd’s Bounty

Breazy Breakfast

Blueberry Donut E Liquid - Breazy Breakfast

Caramel Cinnamon Bun E Liquid - Breazy Breakfast

Honey Nut Cereal E Juice - Breazy Breakfast

Strawberry Milk - Breazy Breakfast

Toucan Cereal - Breazy Breakfast

Brewell Vapory

Caramel Almond MYLK - Brewell Vapory

MYLK - Original - Brewell Vapory

MYLK - Strawberry - Brewell Vapory

MYLK Banana E Liquid - Brewell Vapory

Broken Bottle Vape Co

Dirty Strawberry - Broken Bottle Vape Co

Dummies (Smarties) - Broken Bottle Vape Co

Rotten Rope - Broken Bottle Vape Co

Terrible Tang - Broken Bottle Vape Co

Buckshot Vape Sauce

Hard Candy - Buckshot Vapors

M-80 - Buckshot Vapors


Burst E-Juice

Cafe Racer E Liquid

Lucky 13 - Cafe Racer E Liquid

Lucky Bastard - Cafe Racer E Liquid

Peach Guzzi - Cafe Racer E Liquid

Yogurt Bomb - Cafe Racer E Liquid

Cake Monster E Liquid

Cake Monster E Liquid

Cake Vapors

Blue Velvet - Cake Vapors

Shortcake - Cake Vapors

Tiramisu - Cake Vapors

Candy Land Liquids

Kangaroo Dip - Candy Land Liquids

Nutter Finger - Candy Land Liquids

Peppermint Pattie - Candy Land Liquids

Razz Berry - Candy Land Liquids

Reece's Dream - Candy Land Liquids

Charlie Noble

Blue Bay - Charlie Noble

Charlie’s Custard - Charlie Noble

Commodore Pearry - Charlie Noble

Mayflower - Charlie Noble (Seasonal)

Sollers Pointe - Charlie Noble

Treasure Island V2 - Charlie Noble

Tripoli - Charlie Noble

Charlie Noble Yogurt

Chocolate Mousse - Charlie Noble Yogurt

Fruit on the Bottom - Charlie Noble Yogurt

Smoked Yogurt - Charlie Noble Yogurt

Charlie Noble's Admiral Reserve

Good Cookie - Charlie Noble Admiral's Reserve

PB Cereal - Charlie Noble Admiral's Reserve

Pistachio RY4 - Charlie Noble Admiral's Reserve

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream - Charlie Noble Admiral's Reserve

Charlie's Chalk Dust

Dream Cream - Charlie's Chalk Dust

Head Bangin' Boogie - Charlie's Chalk Dust

Peanut Butter & Jesus - Charlie's Chalk Dust

Slam Berry - Charlie's Chalk Dust

True Berry Sugar & Knife - Charlie's Chalk Dust

Charlie's Chalk Dust White Label

Drama Swirl - Charlie's Chalk Dust White Label

Honey Badger - Charlie's Chalk Dust White Label

Mustache Milk - Charlie's Chalk Dust White Label

Wonder Worm - Charlie's Chalk Dust White Label

Choco Cow E Liquid

Chocolate Milk - Choco Cow E Liquid

Cloud Batter

Cloud Batter E Liquid

Cloud Berry - Cloud Batter E Liquid

Cloud Company

Arise - Cloud Company

Billow - Cloud Company

Kumo - Cloud Company

Revel - Cloud Company

Sky - Cloud Company

Cloud Stout

Got EEM - Cloud Stout

V.S.O.P - Cloud Stout

The Carter - Cloud Stout


Cloudsavers Gummies E Liquid

Coil Sauce

Berry Pow - Coil Sauce

Blu Smurf - Coil Sauce

Cereal Bowl - Coil Sauce

Cold Fusion Juice

Galil - Cold Fusion Juice

Hiss Tank - Cold Fusion Juice

Shock and Awe - Cold Fusion Juice

Snake Bite - Cold Fusion Juice

Typhoon - Cold Fusion Juice

Warning Shot - Cold Fusion Juice

Cosmic Fog

Church - Cosmic Fog

Cola Gummy - Cosmic Fog

Euphoria - Cosmic Fog

Kryptonite - Cosmic Fog

Milk & Honey - Cosmic Fog

Nutz - Cosmic Fog

SONRISE - Cosmic Fog

SONSET - Cosmic Fog

The Shocker - Cosmic Fog

120 Cream Pop E Liquid

Dessert Fruit Ice Cream 120 Cream Pop E Liquid

13th Floor Elevapors E Liquid




2 Cousins E Juice

Cinna Peach E Liquid


TFR E Liquid

Abstrakt Vape




Air Factory E Liquid


Blue Razz

ANML Unleashed E Liquid





Apple Caramel Drop E Juice

Apple Caramel Drop E Juice

Aspire Premium E-Juice

N1 Aspire Premium E-Juice

N2 Aspire Premium E-Juice

N3 Aspire Premium E-Juice

Bake Sale E Liquid

Purple Wedding Cake

Yellow Butter Cake

Bakers Man E Liquid

Bakers Man E Liquid

Bam Bam's Cannoli E Liquid

Bam Bam's Cannoli E Liquid

Captain Cannoli - Bam Bam's Cannoli E Liquid

Cookies N Cream - Bam Bam's Cannoli

Bazooka Sour Straws E Liquid

Blue Raspberry Sour Straws

Green Apple Sour Straws

Strawberry Sour Straws

Watermelon Sour Straws

Beard Vape Co

No. 05 - Beard Vape Co

No. 24 - Beard Vape Co

No. 32 - Beard Vape Co

No. 51 - Beard Vape Co

No. 64 - Beard Vape Co

No. 71 - Beard Vape Co

Beast E Liquid

Cbra Spit

Drgn Spit

Tygr Spit

Beetle Juice Vapors

NBedrock - Beetle Juice Vapors

Blueberry Hills - Beetle Juice Vapors

Gods Nectar - Beetle Juice Vapors

Now and Later - Beetle Juice Vapors

Riddler - Beetle Juice Vapors

Beez Nutz E Liquid

Beez Nutz E Liquid

Bites E Liquid

Vanilla Caramel Swirl - Bites E Liquid

Black Label E Liquid

Grapevine - Black Label E Liquid

Horizon - Black Label E Liquid

Lima de Coco - Black Label E Liquid

Mintin Chip - Black Label E Liquid

Nutty Nana - Black Label E Liquid

Peach Perfect - Black Label E Liquid

What are Melons? - Black Label E Liquid

Brazilian Juice Co. E Liquid

Brazilian Pear - Brazilian Juice Co. E Liquid

Brazilian Pineapple - Brazilian Juice Co. E Liquid

Brazilian Wave - Brazilian Juice Co. E Liquid

Brown Bag Vape Co.

Ice Pop - Brown Bag Vape Co.

Long Leaf - Brown Bag Vape Co.

Malt Shop - Brown Bag Vape Co.

Passion Squeeze - Brown Bag Vape Co.

Peach Creamery - Brown Bag Vape Co.

Red Whip - Brown Bag Vape Co.

Rise N' Shine - Brown Bag Vape Co.

Busted Knuckle E Liquid

Deuce Coupe - Busted Knuckle E Liquid

Low Rider - Busted Knuckle E Liquid

Rat Rod - Busted Knuckle E Liquid

CA Pops E Liquid

CA Pops E Liquid

Carnival Juice Roll-Upz E Liquid

Berry Lemonade - Carnival Juice Roll-Upz E Liquid

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy - Carnival Juice Roll-Upz E Liquid

Cassadaga Liquids

Cannoli Be Breakfast - Cassadaga E Liquid

Cannoli Be Mine E Liquid - Cassadaga

Cannoli Be Nuts - Cassadaga E Liquid

Cannoli Be One - Cassadaga E Liquid

Charlie Noble In Paradise

Charleston Gray - Charlie Noble In Paradise

Shellback Slush - Charlie Noble In Paradise  

Churn'd Out Vaporz

Cinnamon Apple Fried Ice Cream - Churn'd Out Vaporz

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream - Churn'd Out Vaporz

Churros E Liquid

Churros & Circus Cookies E Liquid

Circus Cookie E Liquid

Circus Cookie E Liquid

Cloud Joose E Liquid

Blue Raspberry - Cloud Joose E Liquid

Pom Berry Lemonade - Cloud Joose E Liquid

Watermelon - Cloud Joose

Clown Premium Liquids

Laffy - Clown Premium Liquids

Pennywise - Clown Premium Liquids

Splitz - Clown Premium Liquids

Sweet Tooth - Clown Premium Liquids

Twisty - Clown Premium Liquids

Coastal Clouds E Liquid

The Abyss - Coastal Clouds E Liquid

The Traveler - Coastal Clouds E Liquid

The Voyage - Coastal Clouds E Liquid

Cosmic Fog & Vaporfi

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream - Cosmic Fog & Vaporfi

Cosmic Fog Lost Fog Collection

BAIE CREME - Cosmic Fog Lost Fog Collection

NEON CREAM - Cosmic Fog Lost Fog Collection

Streak - Cosmic Fog Lost Fog Collection  

Crack Pie E Liquid

Crack Pie E Liquid

The Angry Munchkins E Liquid - Food Fighter E Liquid

Creative E Liquid

Infused Strawberry - (Tobacco Free Nicotine) Creative E Liquid


Apple Peel (Tobacco Free Nicotine) - CRFT Labs

Blueberry Peel (Tobacco Free Nicotine) - CRFT Labs

Cocodew E Liquid - Popbars, CRFT Labs

Kiwi Peel (Tobacco Free Nicotine) - CRFT Labs

Strawberry Cinnamon Roll E Liquid - Swirl, CRFT Labs

Whip It E Liquid - CRFT Labs

White Grape Peel (Tobacco Free Nicotine) - CRFT Labs


Gravel Pit - CRFT

Strawberry Blonde - CRFT

Tobacco D'Oro - CRFT BLCK

Crispi Vape Co.

Crispi - Crispi Vape Co.

Crumbz Vapor E Liquid

Flakey French - Crumbz Vapor E Liquid

Pear Parfait - Crumbz Vapor E Liquid

Short Straw - Crumbz Vapor E Liquid

Crunchy Cream Donuts E Liquid

Crunchy Cream Churro Donut - Crunchy Cream Donuts E Liquid

Crunchy Cream Raspberry Filled Donut - Crunchy Cream Donuts E Liquid

Frosted Lemon Cream Donut - Crunchy Cream Donuts E Liquid

Crush Fruits E Liquid

Delicious! - Crush Fruits E Liquid

Sweet! - Crush Fruits E Liquid

Tasty! - Crush Fruits E Liquid

Wonderful! - Crush Fruits E Liquid

Crush Vape Juice

Pineapple Cream Whip - Crush Vape Juice

Watermelon Cucumber Lime - Crush Vape Juice

Cult Classic Liquids

Director's Cut - Cult Classic Liquids

Nihilist E Liquid- Cult Classic Liquids

Tallahassee - Cult Classic E Liquid

Cultured E Liquid

The 1% - Cultured E Liquid


Bird Brains - Cuttwood

Boss Reserve - Cuttwood

Livid Lime - Cuttwood Reimagined

Manic Mint - Cuttwood Reimagined

Monster Melons - Cuttwood

Mr. Fritter - Cuttwood

Outrage Orange - Cuttwood Reimagined

Sugar Bear - Cuttwood

Tobacco Trail - Cuttwood

Unicorn Milk - Cuttwood

Cyber Liquids

Dronuts - Cyber Liquids

Honey - Cyber Liquids

Klone Berries - Cyber Liquids

ShortShake - Cyber Liquids

Supernova - Cyber Liquids

Vader - Cyber Liquids

Cyclops Vapor

Eros - Cyclops Vapor

Hades - Cyclops Vapor

Poseidon - Cyclops Vapor

D'ohnuts E-Juice

Deadmodz E Liquid

Apple Banger E Juice - Deadmodz

Butter Trap E Juice - Deadmodz

Rainbow Kandi E Juice - Deadmodz

Rave'n Strawberry Milkshake E Juice - Deadmodz

Detroit Rock Candy E Liquid

Creme Soda - Detroit Rock Candy E Liquid

Hawk - Detroit Rock Candy E Liquid

Stella - Detroit Rock Candy E Liquid

Trip - Detroit Rock Candy E Liquid

Dewwy Boba

Dewwy Boba

Diametric E Liquid

Honey Du Melon Cream Pop - Diametric E Liquid

Dinner Lady E Liquid

Corn Flake Tart - Dinner Lady E Liquid

Lemon Tart - Dinner Lady E Liquid

Maple Waffle - Dinner Lady E Liquid

Rice Pudding - Dinner Lady E Liquid

Strawberry Custard - Dinner Lady E Liquid

Dipt E Liquid

Fruity Pebbles Churro - Dipt E Liquid

Strawberry Frosting Churro - Dipt E Liquid

Vanilla Frosting Churro - Dipt E Liquid

Donuts E Juice

Blueberry Donuts - Donuts E Juice

Donuts E Juice

Pebbles Donut - Donuts E Juice

Do U Even Vape

Gman - Do U Even Vape

Peanut Butter Jelly Time  - Do U Even Vape

Dossier E Liquid

Cocoberry Whip - Dossier E Liquid

Melon Milk - Dossier E Liquid

Peachberry Cheesecake - Dossier E Liquid

Tropical Rush - Dossier E Liquid

Dough Pop E Liquid

Dough Pop E Liquid

Dr. Shugar Chitz E Liquid

The Razz! - Dr. Shugar Chitz E Liquid

Doughboys Vaped Goods

AutumnMatic - Doughboys Vaped Goods

Bloobies - Doughboys Vaped Goods

Dixon's Cider - Doughboys Vaped Goods

Donut Give Up - Doughboys Vaped Goods

Glazed-n-Confused - Doughboys Vaped Goods

Use Your Coconut - Doughboys Vaped Goods  

Dreamsicle E Liquid

Creamy Orange - Dreamsicle E Liquid

Drip Boy E Liquid

BlueDoe - Dripboy

Bundthead - Dripboy

My Milkshake - Dripboy

Rabbix - Dripboy

Drip Tribe E Liquid

Pebz E Liquid - Drip Tribe E Liquid

Drip House E Liquid

Drip House Pancakes E Liquid

Drip' N Drops E Juice

Brain Freeze - Drip' N Drops E Juice

Fridge Buddy - Drip' N Drops E Juice

Nanas Treat - Drip' N Drops E Juice

Drip Vault E Liquid

Baked - Drip Vault

Cream Pie - Drip Vault

Drizzle - Drip Vault

Fru Tea - Drip Vault

Drippin' Waffles E Liquid

Drippin' Waffles E Liquid

Drippin' Dots E Liquid

Blueberries N' Cream - Drippin' Dots E Liquid

Confetti Cake - Drippin' Dots E Liquid

Strawberry Cheesecake - Drippin' Dots E Liquid

Dripscotti E Liquid

Almond Biscotti - Dripscotti E Liquid

Drippy Lee E Liquid

Pounding Clouds - Drippy Lee E Liquid

Drop Tarts E Liquid

Drop Tarts

Dripz E Liquid

Dripz E Juice

Drops Ahoy E Liquid

Drops Ahoy - Breazy

Drops Ahoy Peanut Butter (Seasonal)

Dropsicle E Liquid

Fusion - Dropsicle E Liquid

DRPN Fruits E Liquid

Green Apple - DRPN Fruits E Liquid

Watermelon - DRPN Fruits E Liquid

DRPN Donuts

Bear Claw - DRPN Donuts

Blueberry - DRPN Donuts

Strawberry - DRPN Donuts

Dunkd E Liquid

Peanut Butter Cookie Milk - Dunkd E Liquid

Strawberry Cookie Milk - Dunkd E Liquid

Vanilla Cookie Milk - Dunkd E Liquid