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About Us

Specialize In Portable Vaporizers For Dry Herbs, Waxes, Oils

Overview: is a brand that offers some of the best portable vaporizers for sale at a fair price. They offer handheld vaporizers for wax, dry leaf, oils, and eliquids. Besides their quality made hardware we find their CBD oil infused vape liquids to be very satisfying. Cannastick also carries a sweet selection of glass bubblers, even for vape pens!  

They Sell:

- Portable Herbal Vaporizers     - Wax Vaporizers

- Accessories                          - Oil Vaporizers       

- Eliquid Vaporizers                  - Glass Pieces

- Vape Juice                            - Starter Kits

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Cannastick Vaporizer Starter Kits

Handheld Vaporizer Kits/ Pocket Vaporizers

 Original Starter Kit

 VapeRx Personal Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

 VHIT Elegant Portable Vape Pen for Dry Herb

VapeRx Infamous Edition

GlassRx Dry Herb Starter Kit

 MINI Wax Starter Kit

 MINI Dry Herb Starter Kit

 Essential Oil Starter Kit

Disposable Dry Herb/Wax Vape Pen

Detailed Information

Cannastick Mini Line

Mini Vaporizer And

MINI Dry Herb Starter Kit

MINI Wax Starter Kit

MINI Battery

MINI Charger

MINI Mouthpiece

Mini Waxomizer

Mini Waxomizer - All Ceramic

Mini Dry Herbamizer

Mini Dry Herbamizer - Base Coil Version

Mini Oil Tank

Hand Made Keychain Pouch for the Cannastick MINI

Cannastick Vaporizer Glass Pieces

Glass Bubblers & Accessories

DabRx Glass Vape Pen Bubbler

Bamboo Glass Vape Pen Bubbler

Glass - Portable E-Nail

Dab Link Pipe Adapter

Lab Rat Glass Vape Pen Bubbler

Mushroom Glass Vape Pen Bubbler

Slug Glass Vape Pen Bubbler

Barrel Shooter Glass Vape Pen Bubbler

Bi-Polar GlassRx Bubbler

Green Swan GlassRx Bubbler

Jack Rabbit GlassRx Bubbler

Neuron GlassRx Bubbler

Phatty GlassRx Bubbler

Quadro GlassRx Bubbler

Tezla GlassRx Bubbler

Genie GlassRx Bubbler

Hurricane GlassRx Bubbler

Glass Nail - 18mm

Flux Titanium Nail - 10mm/14mm/18mm

Universal Domeless Titanium Nail

Domeless Quartz Nail - 14mm

 Cannasick Vaporizer Accessories

Pen Attachments

Oil Tank

Big Rig Oil Tanker

Mega Oil Chamber

Trippystick LED Waxomizer Attachment

The Beast Waxomizer Attachment

Mega Waxomizer

GlassRx Dry Herb Attachment

GlassRx Waxomizer Attachment

Elite Waxomizer

Waxomizer 2.0

Replacement Coils

Oil Tank Replacement Coil

Mini Waxomizer - All Ceramic

Mini Dry Herbamizer - Base Coil Version

Mini Oil Tank

Mini Dry Herbamizer

Big Rig Replacement Coil

The Trippystick Waxomizer- 5 Pack Replacement Coils

The Beast Waxomizer- 5 Pack Replacement Coils

Mega Waxomizer - 5 Pack Replacement Coils

GlassRx Dry Herb - 5 Pack Replacement Coils

GlassRx Waxomizer - 5 Pack Replacement Coils

Elite Waxomizer - 5 Pack Replacement Coils

Mini Waxomizer

VHIT Boom Coil - 1 Pack

Vaporizer Batteries

Variable Voltage Battery

Passthrough USB Battery

Ultra Discreet Battery

MINI Battery

Vaporizer Chargers

Wall Charger

Car Charger

Complete Charger

USB Charger

MINI Charger

Lanyards/Carrying Cases

5 Pack No-Stick Silicone Jars

Cannastick Lanyard

Leather Carrying Case

Hand Made Keychain Pouch for the Cannastick MINI

Hand Made Lanyard Pouch for the Cannastick Vape Pens

Silicone Lego-Style Non-Stick Container

Replacement Glass

GlassRx Dry Herb Glass Replacement

GlassRx Waxomizer Glass Replacement

Vaporizer Tools

Reeper Wheel Crank Grinder

Wax Dabbing Tool

Cannastick Vape Juices

Vape Oils

Cannastick Vape Juice

Earth CBD Oil-Infused Vape Juice

Fire CBD Oil-Infused Vape Juice

Water CBD Oil-Infused Vape Juice

Wind CBD Oil-Infused Vape Juice

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