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About Us

Specialize In Vapes For  E-Liquid  “Electronic Cigarette”


Volcano Electronic Cigarettes provide both types of ecigs, basic and tank systems, but stands out of the crowd with its quality made, fully customizable tank system. Its called the LavaTube, it is a specially designed electronic cigarette that lets you fully control your vaping experience with a few clicks of easy to use buttons. Most of Volcano’s products have either a 4 or 5 star rating.

They sell:

- The Magma               -The Inferno    - Lavatube

- Basic Electronic Cigarettes              - Tanks

- Accessories                                    - Cartomizers

- E Liquid/ E Juice                             - E-cig Starter Kits

Shipping Promotions: Free Shipping on orders over $50

Extras: Rewards Program

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Receive 20% off Volcano Premium Lava Line eLiquids when you purchase the entire collection.

To See Products

15% off 5 Premium USA-made e-liquid bottles

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 E Liquid Flavors For Volcano Cigs

Tobacco E-Liquid


Sharks Clove


Tobacco Pure

Menthol E-Liquid


Menthol Burst

Fruits E-Liquid

Aloha Pineapple

Blueberry Breez

BlueWater Punch

Bonzai Banana

Cherry Lava

Coocoo Coconut

Grape Escape

Halawa Guava

Hana Honeydew

Kawika's Kiwi

Lahaina Lychee

Lolo Lime

Maui Mango


Pele's Papaya

Pineapple Punch

Pipeline Peach

Shaka Strawberry

Waikiki Watermelon

Candies E-Liquid

Candy Cane

Choconilla Haze

Cotton Candy


Jungle Fruit

Kohala Bear

Milk Chocolate

Parker Rancher

Red Hot Lava

Salted Caramel

Striped Gum

Sweet Tart

Beverages E-Liquid

BlueWater Punch

Hawaiian Espresso

Hula Punch

Kona Coffee

Mauna Dew

Piña Volada

Pineapple Punch

Red Wings

Surfer Soda

Desserts E-Liquid

Apple Pie


Cap'n Cook

Choconilla Haze

Milk Chocolate

Ono Orange Cream

Salted Caramel

Vanilla Bean

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10% off 3 Premium USA-made e-liquid bottles

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30% Off eLiquid Flavor of the Week

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Detailed Volcano E Cig Information

Volcano’s Prefilled Cartomizers

Cartomizer Flavors



Vanilla Bean

Milk Chocolate

Pineapple Punch

CooCoo Coconut

Waikiki Watermelon

Kona Coffee

Bluewater Punch

Cherry Lava


Volcano E Cig Starter Kits

Vape Kits

The Magma

The Inferno

LavaTube Version 2.5 Tanks & Coils

BC TubeTank

BC TubeTank Replacement Heating Coils - 3 Pack

INFERNO BC TubeTank O-Rings

INFERNO BC TubeTank System

LAVATUBE BC TubeTank O-Rings

LAVATUBE BC TubeTank System

Cartomizer TubeTank

Tube Tank

Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

Tube Tank Cap - Top

Tube Tank Cap - Bottom

Tube Tank O-Ring Set

Tube Tank Replacement Tube


Re-fillable Clearomizer - 5 Pack

Re-fillable MEGA Clearomizer - 5 Pack

Drip Atomizers

Drip System

Drip Atomizer


Tankomizer System

Tankomizer Tanks

Tankomizer Vape Accessories

Drip Tips

Acrylic Swirl Drip Tips

Acrylic Swirl Ipu Style Drip Tips

Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips

Anodized Aluminum LAVATUBE Style Drip Tips

Anodized Aluminum Piston Drip Tips

Anodized Aluminum Snubby Drip Tips

Anodized Aluminum Swivel Drip Tips

Anodized Aluminum XL Drip Tips

Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Swivel Drip Tip

Chrome Finish Stainless Steel Bullet Drip Tip

Chrome Finish Stainless Steel Drip Tip

Chrome Finish Stainless Steel Ipu Style Drip Tip

Chrome Finish Stainless Steel LAVATUBE Style Drip Tip

Chrome Finish Stainless Steel Piston Style Drip Tip

Chrome Finish Stainless Steel Snubby Drip Tip

Chrome Finish Stainless Steel Swivel Drip Tip

Chrome Finish Stainless Steel XL Drip Tip

Glow in the Dark Drip Tip

Plastic Drip Tips (Transparent)

Rubber Drip Tips

MAGMA Accessories

Needle Tip Bottle Cap

USB Car Charger

MAGMA Wall Adapter

MAGMA USB Battery Charger


M-Battery - Manual Button

MEGA M-Battery - Manual Button

MAGMA Charging Bundle


INFERNO Accessories

USB Car Charger

INFERNO Stainless Steel Lanyard

INFERNO - XL Atomizer Cones

INFERNO - 900 maH USB Battery

INFERNO - 650 mAH USB Battery

INFERNO - Atomizer Cones

INFERNO Carrying Case

INFERNO Lanyards

Tube Sock

Needle Tip Bottle Cap

INFERNO - USB Battery Cap


INFERNO - Super Battery Charging Adapter

USB Mini Cord

INFERNO Wall Adapter

LAVATUBE Accessories

Battery Case



LAVATUBE Carrying Case

AW IMR High Drain 18650 Rechargeable LiMN Battery (1600 mAH)

The LAVACELL Battery

AW IMR High Drain 18650 Rechargeable LiMN Battery (2000 mAH)

XTAR WP2 II Multi-charger

Nitecore Sysmax D2 Battery Charger

The LAVATUBE v2.5 - (Device Only)

Apparel & Goodies

Red Flat Logo Snapback Hat

White VOLCANO Script Shirt

Red Dot VOLCANO Shirt

Black Dot VOLCANO Shirt

Dash Mesh Logo Snapback Hat

MaH Rastafari T-Shirt

VOLCANO Vapers Association Member T-Shirt

Logo Line Art T-Shirt

Red LOGO Sunglasses

Aluminum Logo 24oz Water Bottle

Logo Vinyl Sticker - 2" x 4"