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About Us

Specialize In Vapes For  E-Liquid  “Electronic Cigarette”


Halo E Cig offer both, classic electronic cigarettes and tank systems. Halo’s triton tank system is our favorite when it comes to starter tanks. Their product line comes in very attractive colors and can be bought in parts of kits. Halo is also well known for their US made e liquid due to it being made from higher quality ingredients then most others. Most of Halo’s products are rated 5 out of 5. Their main two types of  Ecigs are the G6 and Triton Tank.


They sell:

- Basic Electronic Cigarettes/ E Cig        - Tank Systems

- Accessories                                       - Cartomizers

- Halo E Liquid/ E Juice                         - E-cig Starter Kits

Shipping Promotions: Free Shipping on orders to Us over $75

Extras: Rewards Program

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Come back to this page for working, weekly updated Halo E Cigs coupons, we update this page with the latest discounts and promotions to ensure you get the best price on all your Halocig purchases!

 E Liquid Flavor List For Halo E Cigs

Tobacco E-Liquid


Turkish Tobacco




Midnight Apple

Captain Jack



Tiki Juice

Freedom Juice

Southern Classic

Menthol E-Liquid


Menthol ICE



Menthol X

Gourmet E-Liquid

Kringle's Curse



Belgian Cocoa

Twisted Java

Cafe Mocha

* Ever Tried An ELiquid With Boost? Check out Some Boosted E Liquid!

Detailed Halo E Cig Information Cartomizers

Prefilled Cartomizer Flavors

Turkish Tobacco




Belgian Cocoa


Menthol Ice



Blank Cartomizer Colors

Jet Black

Authentic Tan

Electric Lime

Classic White

Deep Purple

Emerald Green

Midnight Blue


Demon Red

Princess Pink

Halo Cigs Electronic Cigarettes & Other Hardware

Halo G6

G6 Starter Kits

G6 Batteries

G6 Pass-thru Batteries

G6 Charger Usb Adapter

G6 Mini Wall Charger

G6 Mini Auto Charger

G6 Standard Wall Charger

G6 Portable Charger Case


G6 Carry Case

G6 Silky Necklace

G6  Hemp Necklace

G6 Drip Tips

G6 Mini Tanks

G6 Cartomizers

Halo Triton Tank System

Triton Starter Kits

Triton Batteries

Triton Variable Voltage Batteries

Triton Tanks

Triton Mini Wall Charger

Triton Auto Wall Charger

Triton USB Charger

Triton Large Cone

Triton Standard Cone

Special Cartomizers

Xtra Large

Low Resistance Tanks

G6 Mini Tank Colors

Crystal Clear

Translucent Red

Translucent Purple

Translucent Green

Translucent yellow

Translucent Smoke

Translucent Blue

Triton Tank Colors

Translucent Red

Translucent Purple

Translucent Blue

Translucent Green

Translucent Yellow

Translucent Smoke

Crystal Clear

Other Triton Tank Acess.

Tank Replacement Coil

Replacement Tip

Halo Gear

Halo Black Logo T-Shirt

Halo Charcoal Logo T-Shirt

Halo White Logo T-Shirt

 Halo Black Angel T-Shirt