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About Us

Specialize In Vapes For  E-Liquid  “Electronic Cigarette”


Founded in March 2011, Mt Baker Vapor offers everything you may need that has to do with vaping. From basic ecigs, to mods and e liquid. They have fair prices on all their products and great customer service. They also process and ship out orders quickly which is always a plus. All in all we highly recommend them as a site to buy from.

They sell:

- Mods

- Basic Electronic Cigarettes/ E Cig    - DIY Supplies

- Accessories                                    - Cartomizers

- E Liquid/ E Juice                             - E-cig Starter Kits

Shipping Promotions: Free Shipping on orders to Us over                                    $50

Extras:  Free E Juice with every order

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Some Of The ELiquid Flavors Mt Baker Vapor Offers

Gwar E-Liquid


German Chocolate Beefcake




Uncolored Blodbath

Uncolored Jizmoglobin

Uncolored Spew

MBV Specialty ELiquid

Admiral Berry Crunch


Arctic Heat

Blue Drake

Cinnatoast Munch


French Toast

G Men

Happy Rancher

Honey Berries


Lemon Bar

Maui Sunrise

MBV Sample Pack


Old Fashioned

Pumpkin Pie

Slim Mints

Strazzle Tea

Vanishing Oatmeal Teats

Albino Drake

Apple Rings

Black Clove

Black Ice

Blue Ice

Cherry Limeade

Cookie Blaster

Dream Tea

Faux Haawk

Freckled Lemonade

MBV Specialty Cont.

Fruity Hoops

Get Razzled

Green Ice

Hawk Sauce

Johnny Chimpo

Lemon Drop


Ocean Breeze

Orange Ice

Peach Rings

Raspberry Lemonade

Razzle Dazzle


Salacious Strawberry

Solar Flare

Sour Yum

Spring Break


Sweet Cherry

White Out

Beverage ELiquid

Pink Champagne


Arnold Palmer

Caramel Coffee


Cucumber Mint

Demon Energy

Ecto Cooler

Extreme Soda

Hazzlenut Coffee

Irish Cream

Jamaican Rum

Jungle Juice


Morning Vape

Pina Colada

Pink Lemonade

Root beer

Candy ELiquid

Rainbow Roundies

Black Licorice

Bubble Gum

Caramel Apple

Caramel Candy

Cin City

Fruit Juice Gum

Movie Theater Fish

Twin Mint Gum

Zebra Stripe Gum

Fruits E- Liquid

Afternoon Delight


Black Cherry


Blood Orange



Dragon Fruit



Green Apple





Melon Baller




Pineapple Peach



Strawberry Kiwi


Wild Cherry

Tobacco E-Liquid

555 Juice

American Tobacco

Black Clove


Coumarin Pipe

East Coast Tobacco

Rum Tobacco

Ry4E Juice

USA Blend Tobacco

Vanilla Tobacco

Menthol/ Mint E-Liquid

555 Menthol

Candy Cane

Extreme Ice




USA Menthol


Nut/ Spice E-Liquid

Cinnamon Roll


Maple Pecan

Peanut Butter

Sweets E-Liquid

Banana Cream

Banana Nut

Banana Foster

Bananas Gone

Bavarian Cream

Berry Creamy

Blue Moo

Butter Pecan

Butter Toffee Butterscotch


Chocolate Mint

Coconut Cream Pie

Cotton Candy

Dulce De Leche

Dutch Apple

French Vanilla

Graham Cracker

Moo Juice

Orange Dream

Rainbow Sherbet

Sticky Bun

Strawberry Shortcake

Sweet Cream

Vanilla Butternut

Vanilla Cup

Vanilla Custard

Vanilla Ice

Whipped Cream

* Ever Tried An ELiquid With Boost? Check out Some Boosted E Liquid!

Detailed Mt. Baker Vapor Information Ecigarette Starter Kits

Innokin Vape Starter Kits

Innokin Beginner Starter Kit

Innokin Express Starter Kit

Innokin iTaste 134 Starter Kit

Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0 Starter Kit

Innokin iTaste VTR Starter Kit

Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 Starter Kit

Innokin LEO Pro iClear 16 Deluxe Starter Kit

Kanger Vape Starter Kits

Kanger Blister Starter Kit

Kangertech Evod Starter Kit’s Advanced Ecigs

Advanced Ecigs

Ambassador Mechanical Mod by Emit Vapor

Cana DNA 30 Variable Wattage Mod V3 by Cloupor

YouDe Tech IGO-W+ Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

Infinite 26650 TOBH RDA Clone

Infinite Cartel MMXIII Mechanical Mod Clone

Infinite Lava RDA Clone

Infinite Nemesis Mechanical Mod Clone

Infinite Panzer Clone

Infinite Paragon Mechanical Mod Clone

Infinite Plume Veil RDA Clone

Infinite Quasar RDA Clone

Aspire Vape Starter Kits

Aspire Premium Starter Kit

Advanced Ecigs Continued.

Infinite Stillare RDA Clone

Infinite Stingray Mechanical Mod Clone

Infinite Stingray X Mechanical Mod Clone

Infinite TOBH RDA Clone

Innokin iTaste SVD Express

Innokin iTaste SVD2.0 - Evolv DNA Powered

iStick 20W VV/VW Box Mod by EleafUS

Emit Vapor Shotgun Mechanical Mod

Emit Vapor Apollo RDA

The Russian 91% V2

Vamo Version 5

YouDe Tech UDT-V14 Mechanical Mod

Mt baker vapor’s Vaporizer Accessories

E Cig Atomizers

Kanger Replacement Coils for Aerotank Mega/Mini, Protank 3, Mini Protank 3 and EVOD 2

Aspire Replacement Coils for the Atlantis Clearomizer tank

Aspire ET and ET-S BVC Replacement Coils

Aspire ET and ET-S BDC Replacement Coils

Aspire ET BDC Clearomizer Tank

Aspire ET-S BVC Clearomizer Tank

Aspire Full sized and Mini Nautilus Replacement Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC)

Aspire Nautilus Mini Clearomizer Tank

Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coils

Apsire Nautilus Adjustable Airflow Tank System

Innokin iClear 16 Clearomizer Tank

Innokin iClear 16 Dual Coil Replacement Coil Head

iClear 30S Dual Coil Clearomizer

Innokin iClear 30S Dual Coil Replacement Coil Head

Innokin Gladius Replacement Dual Coil

Innokin iClear 30 Clearomizer Tank

Innokin iClear 30 Dual Coil Replacement Coil Head

Innokin iClearX.I Replacement Dual Coil

Kanger Evod 2 Clearomizer Tank

Kangertech MT3S Clearomizer Tank

Kanger Replacement Coil

Kangertech T3S Clearomizer

Smoktech ReDux Replacement Coil Head

The Russian 91% V2

Vision Vivi Nova Replacement Coils

Ecig Batteries

18350 Battery Case

18490 Battery Case

18650 Battery Case

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery

Aspire CF VV+ 1000mAh Battery

Efest IMR 18350 LiMn 700mAh Flat-Top Battery

Efest IMR 18490 High Drain Unprotected Lithium Ion Battery

Efest IMR 18500 LiMn 1000mAh Flat-Top Battery

Efest IMR 18650 LiMn 2500mAh Flat-Top Battery

Efest IMR 18650 30Amp High Drain Unprotected Lithium Ion

Innokin iTaste V3.0 VV Battery

Innokin LEO Ego Battery

Kanger Ego Battery

Kanger Evod Twist Variable Voltage Battery

MNKE IMR 26650 LiMn 3500mAh Flat-Top Battery

Smoktech Ego Battery Thread

Vape Chargers

Aspire Ego Charger

Innokin iTaste Micro USB Charging Cable

Innokin LEO Mini USB Charging Cable

Kanger Evod USB Charger

The Nitecore Digicharger D2

The Nitecore Digicharger D4

Drip Tips

Various 510 Drip Tips

Mortar 510 Drip Tip by Emit Vapor

Various Infinite 510 Drip Tips

Various Infinite 510 Drip Tips

Pyrex 510 Drip Tip These

Pyrex and Metal 510 Drip Tips

The Mundshtuk Russian Drip Tip by Zen and the House of Hybrids

Wood and Delrin 510 Drip Tips

Mtbakervapor’s Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers

Ecig Cartomizers

Boge 5pc Low Resistance 510 Cartomizers Pre-Punched 1 Hole

Boge 5pc Low Resistance 510 Cartomizers

Boge 5pc Low Resistance 510 Cartomizers Pre-Punched 2 Holes

Boge 5pc Low Resistance 510 Cartomizer XL

Boge 5pc Low Resistance 510 Cartomizer XL Pre-Punched 1 Hole

Boge 5pc Low Resistance 510 Cartomizer XL Pre-Punched 2 Hole

Boge 5pc Standard Resistance 510 Cartomizers

Boge 5pc Standard Resistance 510 Cartomizers Pre-Punched 1 Hole

Boge 5pc Standard Resistance 510 Cartomizers Pre-Punched 2 Hole

 Boge 5pc Standard Resistance 510 Cartomizer XL

Boge 5pc Standard Resistance 510 Cartomizer XL Pre-Punched 1 Hole

Boge 5pc Standard Resistance 510 Cartomizer XL Pre-Punched 2 Hole

Boge 5pc SR Flanged Cartomizer Pre-Punched 2 Holes

F-16  Boge F-16 Cartomizer Tank

Smoktech Ego Dual Coil Cartomizer

Surric Cartomizer Tanks’s Ejuice DIY Supplies List

E Juice DIY Supplies

50 Empty Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice Bottles Avalible in 15ml and 30 ml

Absinthe flavoring

15ml of Amaretto Electronic Cigarette Flavoring

Creme de Menthe Electronic Cigarette Flavoring

Cucumber Mint flavoring

Empty 15ml EyeDropper Bottle Childproof Caps

Empty 30ml EyeDropper Bottle Childproof Caps

15ml of Extreme Ice Electronic Cigarette Flavoring

Fruity Juice Gum flavoring

Guava Electronic Cigarette Flavoring15ml of Menthol Electronic Cigarette Flavoring

15ml of Movie Theater Fish Electronic Cigarette Flavoring

Raspberry Electronic Cigarette Flavoring

EJuice DIY Supplies Continued.

Sour Electronic Cigarette Flavoring

Sweetener Electronic Cigarette Flavoring

Unflavored Nicotine e Juice

15ml of White Out Electronic Cigarette Flavoring

White Tea Electronic Cigarette Flavoring

Mtbakervapor’s Gear

Mt Baker Vapor Merchandise

Mt Baker Vapor Abroad

Mt Baker Vapor Cases

Mt Baker Vapor Microfiber Cloth

Mt Baker Vapor T-shirt

Mt Baker Vapor Vinyl Logo Decal