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About Us

Specialize In Vapes For  E-Liquid, Wax, Dry Hebs


Ru Vaped Is a quality brand that stands out for their all in one vape kits. What we mean by that is you may purchase a kit from them that will allow you to vaporize almost all substances that you could think of, that are normally vaped. You may pick up a eliquid, wax/ oil, and dry leaf vaporizer, all in one easy to use kit. They also carry some cool attachments that we don’t see that much around the web, like water filtration attachments for your vape pen.

They sell:

- E liquid Vapes                              - Wax/ Oil Vapes

- Accessories & Attachments          - Eliquid/ Ejuice

- Dry Matter  Vapes                        - Vape Kits

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Detailed Information

RuVaped Vaporizer Kits

Vape Kits

Vaped Rasta Micro v3 Kit

Micro Vaped v3 Juvenile Edition

Vaped Nano v3 – Wickless (black)

Micro Vaped v3 Ambassador Edition

Micro Vaped v3

Micro Vaped Ejuice Kit

Titan Vaporizer (Herb & Oil)

Micro Vaped v2 – Awareness Edition (titanium coils)

Luxury Vaped Kit V3

Ru Vaped Cartridges And Attachments

Vape Attachments

5-Pack Black Skillet Bowl Replacements (Wickless/Titanium Coils)

XL Skillet Attachment

Single E-Juice Cartridge

Vubbler Glass Replacement

Glass Chamber- Glass Replacement

Nano Vubbler Attachment Kit

Chamber Replacement bowl for Glass Chamber-Single

Chamber Replacement bowl for Glass Chamber-5 pack

v3 Skillet Attachment Kit

Single v3 Skillet replacement bowl

v3 Skillet Replacement bowl 5 pack

Glass Chamber Kit

5-Pack LED Super Tanks v2

V2 Glass Globe Replacement

Glass Globe Attachment v2

Vubbler glass/water vape pen attachment- Custom Blown (w/ titanium coil)

Single Nail Replacement for Glass Globe with Titanium Coil-Wickless

5 Pack E-Juice Cartridge

Single Stainless Steel Cartridge

Single Stainless Steel Supertank (Titanium Coils)

Single LED Supertank v2

Single XL Stainless Steel Cartridge

5-Pack Wickless Glass Globe Replacement Nails Titanium Coils

Glass Globe Replacement

Skillet Bowl Replacement Single (Titanium Coils/Wickless)

5-Pack Stainless Steel Cartridges

Super Tank Attachment Kit

Stainless Steel Super Tank v2.0 with titanium coils (5 Pack)

v2 Skillet Attachment Kit

5 Pack XL Stainless Steel Cartridge Accessories

Vape Accessories

Micro v3 Battery and Mini USB Charger

Mini USB Charger


Micro Vapedtainer

Vaped Mats

Vaped Herbal Grinder

Domeless Nail Adaptor for 18mm

Domeless Nail Adaptor for 14 or 18mm male

v2 Luxury Battery and Mini USB Charger

Vaped Torch with 1 Year Warranty

GR2 Titanium Domeless Nail (Fits into 14 or 18mm Female joint)

Titanium Fill Tool

Vaped Lanyard

Fill Tool

Micro Fill Tool

Dual Carport Charger Adapter

USB Charger

Wall Charger Adapter

RuVaped Apparel

Vaped Apparel

Hat Pin



Ruvaped Eliquid

Eliquid Nicotine

Vaped Juice – 0mg No Nicotine (10ml)

Vaped Juice – 9mg Nicotine (10ml)

Vaped Juice – 18mg Nicotine (10ml)

Ru Vaped Ejuice Flavors

Royal Rasberry

Juicy Watermelon

 American Blend

Sweet Tobacco

Pomegranate Passion

 Peach Paradise

 Menthol Mist

Cinnamon Apple Pie

Creamy Cappuccino

 Strawberry Daiquiri

 White Grape

 Orange Dream

 Black Cherry Blast

 Berries Wild

 Hot Cocoa

 Vanilla Latte

 Cola Craze

Energy Blitz

 Banana Split

Blueberry Bliss

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Get 20% OFF

Attention! Ruvaped is no longer available, we highly recommend Migvapor.